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About Our Services...

Tenant Data has been in the business of providing applicant screening services to the rental industry since 1992. We offer a variety of consumer information to make your decisions easier, faster, and more profitable.

Tenant Data is designed to provide information not only on your applicant's payment histories, but also on their personal suitability as a potential resident. Both large property management companies and private landlords are reporting this critical information to our database.

Our services can save you valuable time by preventing the hassle of verifying rental references and questionable third-party information. More importantly, this information can save you hundreds or even thousands of dollars by preventing a skip, eviction, property damage, the expense of re-renting and the financial burden when the rent is not paid.


Tenant Data utilizes a sophisticated computer database system developed and programmed exclusively for Tenant Data Services.

As a client, you may access information through our website, by fax, or by telephone/mail. Our data can quickly alert you to fraudulent conduct and false information on a rental application.


Tenant Data Provides the rental industry with a variety of reports to help you make an informed rental decision:

Rental Performance History
Lease Violations
Noise Complaints
Past Due/Unpaid Balances
Rent & Deposit Verification
Unauthorized Pets
Nationwide Credit Reports
Address History
Alias Names Used
Civil Court Judgements
Current Obligations
Payment History
Risk Scoring
National TeleCheck Report
Outstanding Bad Check Alert From Nationwide Merchants and Banks
Report Bad Checks You Receive

Criminal History Reports
Criminal Records From Nearly Every State
Reduce Potential Liability By Preventing Criminals From Renting

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